We develop and deliver innovative solutions to health care, leading to a better quality of life for patients.

Company profile:

      Distribution company SMS – Slovak Medical Services, s.r.o. is a holder of permission for the distribution of special health care materials and medical devices. Established in 2011, SMS – Slovak Medical Services, s.r.o., under the strong leadership by management with 20-years of experience in the medical devices industry, has a strong ambition to become a rapidly growing company having a standard of Good Distribution Practices with qualified personnel. The company currently employs 5 people, 1 working full time and 4 part ime. The company works on the principles of partnership, individual approach and reliability for its business partners.


      SMS – Slovak Medical Services, s.r.o. considers its top priority to be a reliable partner to its clients, medical device manufacturers and health care providers. Company strives to deliver unmatched value to its customers and to become a preferred supplier of health care institutions by providing complete solutions with economically valuable innovation improving patient outcomes.

Values ​​professed by company:

⋅ Accountibility
⋅ Reliability/Responsibility
⋅ Collaboration
⋅ Enthusiasm and compassion
⋅ Individual approach

Company strategy:

      SMS – Slovak Medical Services, s.r.o. is a company with a purposely aimed strategy with unique focus on distribution of medical devices carrying the latest technology into both core and especially adjacent surgical specialties. Company’s long-term success lies in its individual approach to clients, its tailored services based on actual needs of the particular client. The company is capable to provide additional services such as market/medical specialty due dilligence with project proposal and project management, tailor-made medical post-graduate educational / development programs/activities based on individual needs and requests, medical device registration and categorization, advisory services for health care providers/ institutions in the area of cost-effectiveness, processing and purchase management optimization and services in the area of pharmacovigilence.


      SMS – Slovak Medical Services, s.r.o. aims to create and deliver innovative healthcare solutions which improve outcomes for our customers and enhance patients‘ quality of life.

Long-term goals of the company:

      Long-term ambition of SMS – Slovak Medical Services, s.r.o. is to develop and further act as a professional and reliable partner to medical device manufacturers, health care providers, health insurance companies and professional medical societies by creating, delivering, making available and further implementing innovative healthcare solutions, through ethical collaboration with medical professionals, to become the preferred medical devices/solutions supplier and clinical education partner.